Canadian Government and Politics

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party accepts applications for their summer internship program. This program provides an opportunity to work with elected representatives while learning more about government and politics.

2020 Liberal Internship Program periodically offers the opportunity to work with elected representatives while learning more about government and politics.

New Democractic Party Internship Opportunities: Are you dedicated to progressive change and have experience working on online campaigns? This is an opportunity to gain experience on the cutting edge of digital organizing with the Ontario NDP as we prepare to win an election in 2022.

Green Party Parliamentary Intern: The mandate for this position is to assist Elizabeth May with her work as Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands. Working closely with Elizabeth May’s MP team, the intern will gain a wide range of experience. This will include: monitoring parliamentary committees to keep the Member up to date, assisting with the submission of amendments to major legislation, coordinating and writing correspondence, and monitoring media. In the process of working on the Hill, the intern will learn about policy, parliamentary procedure and the inner workings of a Member of Parliament’s office.

Legislative Assembly of Ontario: OLIP is a paid 10-month non-partisan programme providing Members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario with qualified intern assistants. In addition to providing practical experience with the daily workings of the Ontario Legislature, OLIP provides Interns the opportunity to supplement their university training through regular academic discussions and by writing an academic paper on a topic of their choice. OLIP is a very competitive program.

Canadian Political Science Association: The Parliamentary Internship Programme is an outstanding work-study experience for Canadian university graduates in all disciplines. Parliamentary interns have the opportunity to work with Members of Parliament on both the Government and Opposition sides of the House of Commons. They also are uniquely positioned to increase their knowledge of Parliament and Canadian politics while acting as an intern.

The Council of the Federation: The purpose of the Youth Internship Program is to encourage young Canadians to more actively participate in public policy development, public service, government and political life.

Jaimie Anderson Internship: Every year, the Jamie Anderson Parliamentary Internship will provide three young Canadians with a four-month (May through August) opportunity to work in the office of a federal Member of Parliament. During the summer, the program will arrange meetings and discussions with people in the news media, politics, and business to help provide a rounded understanding of the political process in and around Parliament Hill.