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Bike Patrol Unit

The U of T Scarborough Campus Police Services has employed a Bicycle Patrol Unit since 1993. All members of the Bike Unit have attended a grueling 16 hour, two day course where they achieved perfection in balancing, skid control, stair descent, hill and curb management, road safety and self defense techniques.

This style of policing brings the police and the community together. Officers have found themselves interacting with the community at a much higher level than before. People seem to be less intimidated when they see an officer on a bicycle, and are more likely to come up and talk to that officer.

The geographical layout of the campus is not what you would expect from a University. U of T Scarborough is nestled in the lush valley of the Highland Creek. There are many footpaths, trails and hills that one could spend the whole day wandering through.

With the skills that an officer learns through their training, there is no obstacle or hill that cannot be overcome.