Emergency Response Team


The U of T Scarborough Emergency Response Team will be notified by Campus Police if the emergency is of a serious nature.  The Emergency Response Team will coordinate the campus response to emergencies and provide support and assistance to the emergency responders and to those affected by the emergency. In critical or crisis situations, the Emergency Response Team will inform and take direction from the University of Toronto’s Crisis Management Team.

U of T Scarborough - Emergency Response Core Team Members

  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Dean of Student Affairs
  • Director of Campus Safety and Security
  • Manager Campus Police Services
  • Director of the Office of the Principal and Vice Principal

Primary Response – Campus Police Services

Instances requiring the activation of the Emergency Response Team will normally be reported to the Campus Police Services (local 7333) who will be responsible for the primary response.

The Campus Police Services Control Desk will take the following action:

  • Notify emergency services as required, i.e. Toronto Fire Department, Toronto Police Service,
  • Emergency Medical Services, etc.
  • Direct the emergency services to the affected area
  • Assist the injured or other victims, secure the affected area and conduct traffic and crowd control.