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Lone Worker Program

For those members of the University of Toronto Scarborough community who find themselves working alone after regular business hours, in isolated areas of the buildings, or for persons registered with AccessAbility Services, Campus Police operate the Lone Worker Program.

The Lone Worker Program is designed to create a safer environment for users of the campus, and enables Lone Workers to sign out a personal safety radio from the UTSC Campus Police Office.

Each radio has the ability to put the user in direct contact with Campus Police should a personal safety emergency arise, enabling officers to respond immediately to situations as they develop.

To register for the Lone Worker program or pick up a personal safety radio, come by the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Police Office at SW304; if you are working or studying in the Instructional Centre, radios are available in the Parking Office in Room IC40.

For more information on the Lone Worker Program, contact the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Police at 416-287-7398.