Citizen Complaint Procedure Box

The most frequent type of complaint arises from a misunderstanding between an officer and a community member. If you are unsure if you wish to simply voice a concern or to proceed with a complaint, please contact Tom McIlhone, Assistant Director, Campus Police Services at 416-208-4799 or at Most concerns can be resolved at this stage.

Complaints may be based on policies, service, misconduct or allegations of a criminal act. A concern is not a complaint and should be addressed by other than this policy. To ensure that complaints made against the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus Police or any of its members are properly investigated, the following procedures will be followed:

The member receiving the complaint will obtain the complainant's name, address and telephone number and refer this information to a supervisor and the Assistant Director of U of T Scarborough Campus Police Services.

  1. The supervisor will interview the complainant and obtain details of the complaint. The complainant will then be asked to complete a Public Complaint Form. The investigation into the complaint will be terminated if the complainant will not put the complaint in writing and sign it, except in the case of a complaint alleging a criminal act by a member, which will be referred immediately to the Officer in Charge, 43 Division, Toronto Police.
  2. The complaint will be referred to the Unit Commander, Complaints Review, Toronto Police Service for classification and determination of who will investigate it.
  3. When a complaint is assigned to the U of T Scarborough Campus Police Service for investigation and resolution, the Manager will appoint the Inspector or a supervisor or a person acting as a supervisor to conduct the investigation and report findings in writing
  4. The member will investigate the complaint and submit a full report to the Manager as soon as practicable.
  5. The Manager will review the results of the investigation and determine whether the complaint is founded or unfounded.
  6. If the complaint is founded and a breach of the University´s policies, Campus Police policies, the law or professional conduct is found, the Manager shall ensure that disciplinary action is taken in accordance with the Collective Agreement.
  7. When the investigation has been reviewed and a determination made, the following persons will be advised in writing by the Manager:
    1. Complainant
    2. Member or members, if applicable
    3. Assistant Vice-president, Facilities and Services
  8. If a member disagrees with the findings, they may seek redress in accordance with the Collective Agreement
  9. If the complainant disagrees with the findings, they will be advised that they may contact the Associate Principal and Chief Administrative Officer for a review of the investigation. If unsatisfied, an appeal may be made at higher levels within the administration or through the Office of the University Ombudsperson.