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Alcohol and Drug Awareness

While attending University, most students become legally able to consume alcohol for the first time. The only legal places to consume alcohol on campus are within the residences and in licensed premises.

Please see the "Alcohol on Campus" Brochure

This brochure will provide information on the consumption of alcohol and attending pub events.

The consumption of alcohol, mixed with the privilege of driving, bears a heavy responsibility.

As a community awareness initiative, U of T Scarborough Campus Police conduct alcohol impairment simulations using Fatal Vision Goggles™ during Frosh week, Alcohol Awareness week, Police week and during several Services Fairs during the academic year. The goggles simulate the effect of alcohol on the nervous system and your inability to compensate.


While going out with friends in the evening can be a great source of enjoyment, care must still be taken to ensure that you do not fall victim to a "Date Rape Drug" should you decide to attend one of the many local clubs or bars.

Please see the "Date Rape Drugs" Brochure

This brochure will provide information on two of the most common Date Rape Drugs, Rohypnol (Roofies) and Liquid Ecstasy (GHB or Liquid X), which are both illegal to possess or use in Canada, and have been showing up with increasing frequency

As with most matters, the best defences against becoming a victim of a Date Rape Drug are prevention and knowledge.

Zero Tolerance

U of T Scarborough Residences have a "Zero Tolerance" illicit drug policy. In addition to criminal charges, resident students will face immediate eviction.