Water Hogs

Hog taking a shower

March 17-23, 2014

March 17-23 is Water Week. During this week we want to conserve as much water as we can, and help raise money for a scholarship program to support Tanzanian students with their tuition so they can complete a postgraduate program in Hydrogeology and Water Resources Management. It's all about students helping students to make a big difference in the World Water Crisis! 

Pledge Form

There is no minimum required for donations to receive a charitable tax receipt. Only those who fill out a pledge form, however, will receive a receipt.If donating by cheque, please make a note that your gift will be in support of the "UTSC Water Hogs Higher Education, Laboratory, and Library Fund ".

Come and see us in the Meeting Place on Monday and Wednesday (see times below) to show your support and purchase the coolest t-shirts that has hit the campus this year ($20)! You can also buy the Waterhog buttons for $2. They will look great on your jacket, bag or knapsack!

We will be selling raffle tickets (50 cents each, $2 for 5 tickets, and $5 for 15 tickets) for three prizes of Visa Gift Certificates worth $100 and two $50! Time to go shopping!

We'll be in the Meeting Place during the following times:
Monday March 17th: 10am-12pm and 2-4pm
Wednesday March 19th: 12-2pm

Please contact us at  waterhogs@utsc.utoronto.ca if you can’t make it during the above times and want to order your t-shirts and buttons.

We're inviting everyone to come to Rex's Den on Thursday March 20th from 5-7pm for a mix and mingle with like minded people. Some food will be provided. We'll have T-shirts, buttons and raffle tickets for sale at the Rex's Den too!

Group photo at Africa

About Water Hogs

We believe that this initiative will help increase environmental awareness that go beyond local and national interests and will also expand empathy among our students and communities. Depending on our success and level of commitment that we receive from the U of T administration we hope to introduce the Water Hogs to the other U of T campuses in the near future.

a little about our crew...

Water Hogs-Goal

Millions of people face daily water challenges that impact their health and economic wellbeing. We believe that education is key to solving the world water crisis. This is not a quick fix and requires perseverance and support. Our goal is to assist established universities in Sub-Sahara Africa to educate skilled water resource professionals.

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Our History

Water Hogs fundraiser was conceived in 2013-14 through collaborative work between University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) and Uniwater Education Limited in Calgary, Alberta.

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