Stuart W. Livingstone

Stuart Livingstone
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Building EV 262

Teaching Interests

  • EES3001: Professional Scientific Literacy
  • EES3002: Conservation Policy
  • EES1114: Directed Readings in Environmental Science
  • EES3003: Topics in Applied Biodiversity - Plant Taxonomy

Research Interest

  • Biological invasions (mechanisms, control)
  • Ecosystem functioning & services
  • Functional ecology
  • Protected area connectivity


Livingstone, S.W., Cadotte, M.W., Bourchier, R., Smith, S., Ryan, K. & Roberto, A. (in review) An experimental application of Hypena opulenta as a biological control agent for the invasive vine Vincetoxicum rossicum, Ecological Solutions & Evidence 

Livingstone, S. W., Cadotte, M. W., & Isaac, M. E. (accepted). Invasive dominance and resident diversity: unpacking the impact of plant invasion on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Ecological Monographs.

Sodhi, D. S., Livingstone, S. W., Carboni, M., & Cadotte, M. W. (2019). Plant invasion alters trait composition and diversity across habitats. Ecology and Evolution9(11), 6199-6210.

Livingstone, S. W., Cadotte, M. W., & Isaac, M. E. (2018). Ecological engagement determines ecosystem service valuation: a case study from Rouge National Urban Park in Toronto, Canada. Ecosystem Services30, 86-97.

Cadotte, M. W., Yasui, S. L. E., Livingstone, S.W., & MacIvor, J. S. (2017). Are urban systems beneficial, detrimental, or indifferent for biological invasion?. Biological invasions19(12), 3489-3503.

Violle, C., Thuiller, W., Mouquet, N., Munoz, F., Kraft, N. J., Cadotte, M. W., Livingstone, S.W. & Mouillot, D. (2017). Functional rarity: the ecology of outliers. Trends in Ecology & Evolution32(5), 356-367.

Cadotte, M. W., Arnillas, C. A., Livingstone, S. W., & Yasui, S. L. E. (2015). Predicting communities from functional traits. Trends in Ecology & Evolution30(9), 510-511.

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Cadotte, M. W., Livingstone, S. W., Yasui, S. L. E., Dinnage, R., Li, J. T., Marushia, R., ... & Shu, W. (2017). Explaining ecosystem multifunction with evolutionary models. Ecology98(12), 3175-3187.