Pawel Artymowicz

Pawel Artymowicz

Research Interests: 

Origin and evolution of planetary systems.


  • ASTB23H3F - Astrophysics of Stars, Galaxies and the Universe
  • PHYD38H3S - Nonlinear Systems and Chaos


Selected Publications: 

  • Takeuchi, T., Artymowicz, P., 2001, Dust migration and morphology in the gas disks of transi- tional Vega-type systems, ApJ, 557, 990
  • Brandeker, A., Liseau, R., Artymowicz, P., and Jayawardhana, R. 2001, Discovery of a new com- panion and evidence of a circumprimary disk: Adaptive optics imaging of the young multiple system VWCha, ApJ, 561, 199
  • Liseau, R., Brandeker, A., Fridlund, M., Olofsson, G., Takeuchi, T., Artymowicz, P. 2003, The 1.2 mm image of the beta Pictoris disk, A&A, 402, 183-187
  • Edgar R., and Artymowicz, P. 2004, Pumping of a planetesimal disc by a rapidly migrating
  • de Val Borro M., Edgar, R. G., Artymowicz, P., Ciecielag, P., et al. 2006, A comparative study of disk-planet interaction, MNRAS, 370, 529-558

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