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Canada Research Chair

Phone: 416-287-7276
Location: ESCB 462

Research Interests

Agroecology, agrobiodiversity, biogeochemical cycling, plant functional traits, agrarian networks, sustainable agriculture

Awards & Grants

Canada Research Chair in Agroecosystems and Development


  • Sauvadet, M., R. Asare and M.E. Isaac (2020) Evolutionary distance explains shade tree selection in agroforestry systems. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 304: 107125
  • Livingstone, S.W., M.E. Isaac and M.W. Cadotte (2020) Invasive dominance and resident diversity: unpacking  the impact of plant invasion on biodiversity and ecosystem function. Ecological monographs, in press.
  • Coleman, B., A.R. Martin N.V. Thevathasan A.M. Gordon M.E. Isaac (2020) Leaf trait variation and decomposition in short-rotation woody biomass crops under agroforestry management. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 298: 106971
  • Gagliardi, S., J. Avelino, L.B. Beilhe and M.E. Isaac (2020) Contribution of shade trees to wind dynamics and pathogen dispersal on the edge of coffee agroforestry systems: A functional traits approach. Crop Protection 130:105071.
  • Buchanan, S.W., M. Baskerville, M. Oelbermann, A.M. Gordon, N.V. Thevathasan and M.E. Isaac (2020) Plant diversity and agroecosystem function in riparian agroforests: Providing ecosystem services and land-use transition. Sustainability 12(2):568.

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