Marney Isaac

Marney Isaac
Environmental Science

Research Interests: 

Agroecology, agrobiodiversity, biogeochemical cycling, plant functional traits, agrarian networks, sustainable agriculture



Canada Research Chair Tier II (2013)

Canada Research Chair in Agroecosystems and Development


Selected Publications: 

  • Isaac, M.E. and K.A. Borden. 2019. Nutrient acquisition strategies in agroforestry systems. Marschner Review, Plant and Soil, 444:1–19.
  • Isaac, M.E. and A.R Martin. 2019. Accumulating crop functional traits with citizen science. Scientific Reports, 9:15715.
  • Nyantakyi-Frimpong, H., P. Matous and M.E. Isaac. 2019. Social networks and resource-conserving agriculture: a multicase comparison using Exponential Random Graph Models. Ecology and Society, 25(1):5.
  • Isaac, M.E., R. Isakson, B. Dale, C.Z. Levkoe, S.K. Hargreaves, V.E. Méndez, H. Wittman, C. et al. 2018. Agroecology in Canada: Towards an integration of agroecological practice, movement and science. Sustainability, 10: 3299.
  • Isaac, M.E., R. Cerda, B. Rapidel, A.R. Martin, A.K. Dickinson and N. Sibelet. 2018. Farmer perception and utilization of leaf functional traits in agroecosystems. Journal of Applied Ecology, 55: 69-80.
  • Isaac, M.E., A.R. Martin, E. de M. Virginio Filho, B. Rapidel, O. Roupsard and K. Van den Meersche. 2017. Intraspecific trait variation and coordination: root and leaf economics spectra in coffee across environmental gradients. Frontiers in Plant Science 8: 1196.
  • Isaac, M.E. and P. Matous. 2017. Social network ties predict land use diversity and land use change: a case study in Ghana. Regional Environmental Change, 17: 1823-1833.
  • Martin, A.R. and M.E. Isaac. 2015. Plant functional traits in agroecosystems: a blueprint for research. Journal of Applied Ecology, 52:1425-1435.
  • Nasielski, J., J. Furze, J. Tan, A. Bargaz, N.V. Thevathasan and M.E. Isaac. 2015.
  • Agroforestry promotes soybean yield stability and N2-fixation under water stress. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 35: 1541-1549.
  • Isaac, M.E., L.C.N. Anglaaere, D.S, Akoto and E. Dawoe. 2014. Migrant farmers as information brokers: agroecosystem management in the transition zone of Ghana. Ecology and Society, 19(2): 56.
  • Munroe, J.W. and M.E. Isaac. 2014. Rates and transfer of fixed N in woody perennial agroforestry systems: a review, Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 34: 417–427.
  • Isaac, M.E., P. Hinsinger and J.M. Harmand. 2012.  Nitrogen and phosphorus economy of a legume tree-cereal intercropping system under controlled conditions. Science of the Total Environment, 434: 71-78.
  • Isaac, M.E. 2012. Agricultural information exchange and organizational ties: the effect of network topology on managing agrodiversity. Agricultural Systems, 109: 9-15.
  • Isaac, M.E. and Kimaro, A.A. 2011. Diagnosis of nutrient imbalances with vector analysis in agroforestry systems. Journal of Environmental Quality, 40: 1-7.
  • Isaac, M.E., E. Dawoe and K. Sieciechowicz. 2009. Assessing localized knowledge use in agroforestry management with cognitive maps. Environmental Management, 43: 1321-1329.
  • Isaac, M.E., B. Erickson, S.J. Quashie-Sam and V.R. Timmer. 2007. Transfer of knowledge on agroforestry management practices: the structure of informal advice networks. Ecology and Society. 12(2): 32.
  • Isaac, M.E., V.R. Timmer and S.J. Quashie-Sam. 2007. Shade tree effects in an 8-year-old cocoa agroforestry system: Biomass and nutrient diagnosis of Theobroma cacao by vector analysis. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, 78: 155-165.

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