Karen Smith

Karen Smith
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
MEnvSc - Climate Change Impact Assessment Program Director
Environmental Science

Research Interests: 

  • Atmosphere-cryosphere interactions
  • Stratosphere-troposphere coupling
  • Polar climate change
  • Atmospheric general circulation


Selected Publications: 

KL Smith, LM Polvani, 2017. Spatial patterns of recent Antarctic surface temperature trends and the importance of natural variability: lessons from multiple reconstructions and the CMIP5 models.     Climate Dynamics 48 (7-8), 2653-2670

Y Wu, KL Smith, 2016: Response of the Northern Hemisphere midlatitude circulation to Arctic amplification in a simple atmospheric general circulation model. Journal of Climate 29 (6), 2041-2058

K Smith, L Polvani, 2014: The surface impacts of Arctic stratospheric ozone anomalies. Environmental Research Letters 9 (7), doi:10.1088/1748-9326/9/7/074015

LM Polvani, KL Smith, 2013: Can natural variability explain observed Antarctic sea ice trends? New modeling evidence from CMIP5. Geophysical Research Letters 40 (12), 3195-3199.

KL Smith, LM Polvani, DR Marsh, 2012: Mitigation of 21st century Antarctic sea ice loss by stratospheric ozone recovery. Geophysical Research Letters 39 (20)

KL Smith, PJ Kushner, 2012: Linear interference and the initiation of extratropical stratosphere‐troposphere interactions. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 117 (D13)

KL Smith, CG Fletcher, PJ Kushner, 2010: The role of linear interference in the annular mode response to extratropical surface forcing. Journal of Climate 23 (22), 6036-6050.

T Schneider, KL Smith, PA O'Gorman, CC Walker, 2006: A climatology of tropospheric zonal-mean water vapor fields and fluxes in isentropic coordinates. Journal of climate 19 (22), 5918-5933.