Graduate Students' Association at Scarborough


GSAS is a student run non-profit organization working to improve the student life for all graduate students at UTSC. The purpose of GSAS is to bring graduate students from all academic departments at UTSC together and ensure all the needs of UTSC graduate students are met.

Membership in GSAS is automatically granted to all graduate students who sign an affiliation form indicating they are affiliated with UTSC.

Campus Affiliation

Are you a graduate student whose home department is based in St. George campus yet your supervisor is an academic staff at UTSC and you spend the majority of the time (including research and/or TA) at UTSC?

If you are, you need to fill out a Change of Campus Affiliation form. This ensures that you are eligible for research awards and travel grants for UTSC grad students. In addition, it allows funding for graduate students to be properly channelled to UTSC so that our graduate student association receives sufficient funding to host events that benefit UTSC graduate students year-round.
For details and the form, please go to

*NOTE* The Master of Environmental Science, Ph.D of Environmental Science, and MA/PhD in Counselling and Clinical Psychology do NOT need to complete this form since these programs' home departments are considered to be based at UTSC.

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