EES1100H Advanced Seminar in Environmental Science

This course is designed to introduce MEnvSc students in the research, internship and part-time enrollment options to the key topics of relevance in their chosen fields of study in environmental science.  In the first (fall) term, seminar speakers are drawn from faculty, visiting researchers and environmental science professionals. In the second (winter) term, students are required to participate in an experiential learning opportunity that focuses on solutions to a current environmental problem.

This class is co-facilitated by MEnvSc Program Directors and the Internship Team. To support students’ career development and job search preparation, instruction and events/activities related to the following topics will also be included:    

  • Professional development instruction on the environmental labour market, job search skills, resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation and networking  

  • Employer guest speakers from various sectors of the environmental field including government, non-profit and private industry 

  • Alumni-to-peer mentoring events; and 

  • Participation in exclusive student-employer networking events and/or information sessions 

This course is restricted to those students enrolled in the MEnvSc Program.

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