DPES Staff Award

DPES Staff Award

The DPES award aims to recognize a staff member who displays superlative professionalism, impeccable efficiency, and love for the department. We want to identify individuals who (without self-promotion) contribute to the daily operation of the department. The award is valued at $300 and the recipient will be honored at the annual DPES end-of-term function. Any member of our administrative and technical personnel is eligible for this award. (The same individual could be recipient of the DPES Staff Award for multiple times).


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DPES Staff Award


Tony Adamo - TRACES Manager                                                       

Tony has displayed impeccable level of leadership, admirable efficiency, and outstanding achievements that go above and beyond of what we hoped for when he was originally hired. Tony lit a fire to the research and teaching ambitions of our faculty by organizing the TRACES facility– a facility with cutting-edge instrumentation that serves the teaching and research needs of our faculty for years to come. He literally turned our vision into reality, as the presence of this facility on our campus is largely his achievement.





Jennifer Caradonna- Financial and Procurement Administrator


Jennifer's wonderful personality, outstanding professionalism, impeccable efficiency, and love for the department make her an incredibly worthy recipient for this award.