Diana Valencia

Diana Valencia

Research Interests: 

The characterisation of the low-mass planets: super-Earths and mini-Neptunes. The former are planets that are mostly solid, either rocky or icy in composition, while the latter posses also a volatile envelope. My goal is to determine if planets with masses between 1-15 Earth-masses are scaled up versions of Earth, or scaled-down versions of Neptune in terms of their composition, evolution and physical properties.

Selected Publications: 

  • Valencia, D. & R. T. Pierrehumbert. Detecting magma-ocean rocky super-Earths. In preparation
  • Valencia, D. & T. Guillot. GJ1214b's and other sub-Neptune exoplanets. ApJ, In press
  • Valencia, D. Composition and Internal Dynamics of super-Earths. In Physics and Chemistry of the Deep Earth, ed. J. Karato. In press
  • Demory, B. O., M. Gillon, D. Deming, D. Valencia , S. Seager and 10 more authors (2011). Detection of a transit of the super-Earth 55 Cncri-e with warm Spitzer. A&A, 533, A114
  • Hatzes, A. P., M. Fridlund, G. Nachmani, T. Mazeh, D. Valencia, and the CoRoT team (2011). On the Mass of CoRoT-7b. ApJ, in print

For more publications see:  https://www-n.oca.eu/valencia/