Carl Mitchell

Carl Mitchell
Associate Graduate Chair
Telephone number
Building EV 450
MEnvSc BITAS Program Director

Teaching Interests

  • EESB04H3F - Principles of Hydrology
  • EES1126 – Hydrology and Watershed Management

Research Interests

Biogeochemistry, hydrology, pollution, mercury cycling

Awards and Grants

  • Young Scientist Award – Canadian Geophysical Union (2017)


  • Bishop, K.; Shanley, J.B.; Riscassi, A.; de Wit, H.A.; Eklof, K.; Meng, B.; Mitchell, C.P.J.; Osterwalder, S.; Schuster, P.F.; Webster, J.; Zhu, W. (2020) Recent advances in understanding and measurement of mercury in the environment: Terrestrial Hg cycling. Science of the Total Environment, 721, 137647.
  • Lane, D.; McCarter, C.P.R.; Richardson, M.; McConnell, C.; Field, T.; Yao, H.; Arhonditsis, G.B.; Mitchell, C.P.J. (2020) Wetlands and low gradient topography are associated with longer hydrologic transit times in Precambrian Shield headwater catchments. Hydrological Processes, 34(3), 598-614.
  • McLagan, D.S.; Monaci, F.; Huang, H.; Lei, Y.D.; Mitchell, C.P.J.; Wania, F. (2019) Characterization and quantification of atmospheric mercury sources using passive air samplers. Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres, 124(4), 2351-2362.
  • Hsu-Kim, H.; Eckley, C.S.; Acha, D.; Feng, X.; Gilmour, C.C.; Jonsson, S.; Mitchell, C.P.J. (2018) Challenges and opportunities for managing aquatic mercury pollution in altered landscapes. Ambio, 47(2), 141-169.
  • Strickman, R.J.; Mitchell, C.P.J. (2017) Methylmercury production and accumulation in urban stormwater ponds and habitat wetlands. Environmental Pollution, 221, 326-334.


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