Bernie Kraatz

Bernie Kraatz
Vice-Principal Research

Research Interests: 

Bioinorganic and Biological Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry, & Water Contamination.

Our group's research focuses on the design of useful biomaterials and nano-biomaterials. These biomaterials are synthesized in our lab from simple building blocks, including amino acids, nucleotides, and peptide nucleic acids, and are generally conjugated to probe molecules that enable us to monitor the properties of these materials by spectroscopic or electrochemical techniques. We have significant expertise in modifying surfaces with our bioconjugates in an effort to obtain functional devices. Gold surfaces are particularly useful in this regard and can be readily patterned to create electrochemical sensor microarrays.

In our research, we have three major objectives:

  1. the development of biosensors (protein, DNA, and chemical detection)
  2. the development of nano-structured peptide materials and new peptide devices
  3. the discovery of new organometallic bioconjugates


  • CNC/IUPAC Travel Award (2000)
  • PetroCanada Young Innovator Award (2001)
  • Canada Research Chair in Biomaterials (2002)
  • Senior Gledden Fellowship, U Western Australia (2004)
  • CSC Award for Pure or Applied Inorganic Chemistry (2006)
  • Guest Professor at Central South University, Changsha, China (2006)
  • Florence Bucke Science Prize, UWO (2009)
  • Distinguished Research Professor, UWO (2010)
  • Faculty Scholar, UWO (2010)
  • Visiting Professor, University of Bochum, Germany (2010)
  • UTSC Principal’s Research Award (2015)

Selected Publications: 

  • B. Adhikari, A.J. Lough, B. Barker, A. Shah, C. Xiang, H.-B. Kraatz, “Bis-amino Acid Derivatives of 1,1’-Ferrocenedicarboxylic Acid. Structural, Electrochemical, and Metal Ion Binding Studies.”, Organometallics 2014, 33, 4873-4887.    
  • Z. Ahmad, A. Shah, S. Mohammad, H.-B. Kraatz, “Polymeric micelles as drug delivery vehicles”, RSC Adv. 2014, 4, 17028-17038.   
  • B. Adhikari, A. Shah, H.-B. Kraatz, “Self-assembly of guanosine and deoxy-guanosine into hydrogels: monovalent cation guided modulation of gelation, morphology and selfhealing properties”, J. Mat. Chem. B. 2014, 2, 4802-4810.
  • K. Amini, H.-B. Kraatz, “Toll-like Receptor 3 modified Au electrodes: An investigation into the interaction of TLR3 immobilized on Au surfaces with poly (I:C)”, Anal. Methods 2014, 6, 3222-3328.
  • C. M. Crudden, J. H. Horton, I. I. Ebralidze, O. V. Zenkina, A. B. McLean, B. Drevniok, Z. She, H. B. Kraatz, N. J. Mosey, T. Seki, E.C. Keske, J. D. Leake, A. Rousina-Webb, G. Wu, “Ultra Stable Self-Assembled Monolayers of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes on Gold Films”, Nature Chem. 2014, 6, 409-414.    

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