Benefits and Responsibilities

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Why Hire a Master of Environmental Science Intern? 

Solid Academic Foundation 

MEnvSc interns are skilled and experienced, having successfully completed an undergraduate degree in science or engineering. Our 30+ graduate course offerings integrate applied, hands-on learning and are taught by renowned faculty and industry leaders.


MEnvSc interns can be hired for 4, 6, 8, or 12+ month work terms, or entry-level contract/permanent positions. MEnvSc interns typically pursue their internship in the summer months - our exclusive job board opens December 1 annually.

Workforce Ready

MEnvSc interns are mature, experienced candidates who are ready to kick-start their careers. With 8 months of professional and communication skills training, our interns are ready to contribute to your team.

Full-Service Operation

The MEnvSc Internship Team offers a full-service operation to facilitate your hiring needs from start to finish. We will take care of posting your role, scheduling interviews, and extending offers of employment. We also have the ability to cross-post your role to undergraduate environmental science students. Our team is connected to a wide variety of funding partners; we are pleased to connect you to suitable wage subsidy programs to help you fund your internship positions.

Let us be your one-stop-shop for hiring graduate student talent. 

When hiring an MEnvSc intern, partner employers should consider the following. MEnvSc Internships should be: 

  • A minimum of 16 consecutive weeks long within April to August 

  • Full-time work (typically 35 hours/week)

  • Paid employment (typically at least minimum wage)  

Working professionals completing the MEnvSc program may be permitted to use their current employment for internship, should certain requirements be met. Contact a member of the Internship Team to learn more.

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As an employer partner, we ask that your organization: 

  1. Provide the student with a paid work experience relevant to their field of study and formalize their employment in an agreement outlining the terms and conditions of their tenure with your organization. We welcome you to use any documentation you would normally use to hire a student. Additionally, we ask that you complete and submit our MEnvSc Internship Agreement Form.

  1. Provide our office with a Job Description outlining the student’s responsibilities and describes what the student will be learning during their internship using the Job Posting Form. When thinking about creating an internship opportunity, project-oriented assignments tend to work best for our students, since they are required to submit and present a poster highlighting their internship experience, which will be evaluated for academic credit by several faculty members.   

  1. Monitor and guide the student throughout the internship, alerting MEnvSc Internship staff of any achievements or concerns that arise during the work term. 

  1. Evaluate the student’s performance at the mid-point and end of their tenure with your organization. An Internship Coordinator will request a visit (virtual or in-person) with the supervisor and the student at the mid-point of the work term to learn about progress and to provide constructive feedback. Additionally, supervisors are required to complete a final evaluation survey. This feedback will be converted toward a portion of a grade for your intern’s academic requirements. 

We require employers to have workplace insurance to cover students while completing their internship. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) provides information on what is needed to register.