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UTSC’s Association of Philosophy Students (APS) organizes a number of instructive and fun philosophy events throughout the year, including guest lectures, pub nights, membership meetings, writing clinics, career information sessions, and more.

Faculty Meet & Greet, January 2021

The group meets approximately once a month to discuss ongoing projects and the formation of new ones. At General Meetings, members may be asked to vote on various items of business including budget considerations, upcoming events, and/or changes to the constitution. General members are encouraged to submit their questions, concerns, and suggestions to the Executive Committee prior to each scheduled meeting.


Meet your 2021-22 APS Executive Members

President - Marybel Menzies

Image removed."Hello! I am Marybel, and I am an honours BSc student at the University of Toronto specializing in Philosophy and majoring in Psychology. My primary philosophical interests include metaphysics, value theory, and philosophy of mind. My primary psychological interests include social cognition and cognitive neuroscience. Philosophy is great because the field encourages you to ask some of the most challenging, often frustrating questions and allows you to probe them, finding the answers that resonate the best with you, by providing you with a plethora of theories that have attempted answering those same questions. Additionally, the appeal of philosophy to me is that it gives you a foundation from which you can learn about basically any discipline, anywhere from politics to medicine to physics."

VP External - Josh Wilkinson

Image removed."Hi, I am Josh, a 4th year student at UTSC enrolled in a Specialist program for Philosophy and a Minor in Biomedical Ethics. I enjoy studying Philosophy because of the broad scope of research. Whenever a topic comes up that I find particularly interesting, I can look further into that topic and come out with a much better understanding."  


VP Operations - Syed Faateh Ali 

Image removed."Hi! My name is Ali and I am in my fourth year pursuing a specialist degree in philosophy at UTSC. Originally a paramedicine specialist, I chose to pursue philosophy in my second year after reluctantly taking a business ethics course. I am interested in early modern philosophy, German Idealism, and 19th and 20th century continental philosophy (esp. phenomenology). Moreover, I am particularly interested in the writings of Kant, Hegel, Marx, and Heidegger. Outside of philosophy, I work as a carpenter and enjoy going on adventures with my canine companions, Nike and Mushu."

VP Speaker Relations - Jla Starr Johnson

Image removed."Hey there! I am Jla Starr (pronounced Jay-la) I am a third year Joint Specialist Journalism student minoring in Philosophy. I am interested in broadcast and investigative journalism and find Philosophy interesting because it shares many similarities with Journalism: finding answers to the hard questions, truth seeking and uncovering discoveries in nearly every field. I am passionate about producing news and social events and I am excited to join the APS team as your VP of Speaker Relations."


VP Public Relations - Lisha Manila

Image removed."Hi, I am Lisha, VP of public relations. I am extremely pleased to be a part of the APS team this semester. I am currently in my fourth year of study, pursuing a major in philosophy and a double minor in both english and history. My interests in philosophy lie in existentialism and in ethics. I like to believe that philosophy is almost like a safe space; a place to exercise new ways of thinking, ways of interacting with other people, and with the many sects of academia. I also believe that it is also a place where I can grow and challenge my own values and beliefs through a larger scope of academics." 

VP Academics - Bisma Ali

Image removed."Hello everyone! I am Bisma. I am studying Health Sciences as well as Biomedical Ethics at U of T, and I am interested in pursuing bioethics post-undergrad. I have taken several ethics courses, and my favourites so far are 'Environmental Ethics' and 'Biomedical Ethics'. I took an introductory bioethics course in my second year of undergrad, and was curious in learning more about the field. As a result, I decided to pursue bioethics in my studies, and have found myself being very passionate about ethical issues pertaining to biomedical treatment and research. I have found my studies in health sciences very complementary to my interest in bioethics, and from the knowledge and experiences through my academic endeavors, I am interested in conducting research on healthcare access issues in Ontario."

VP Events - Rohan Jaggernauth

Image removed."Hi everyone! My name is Rohan, your VP of events. I am approaching my third year majoring in political science and philosophy. I enjoy playing cricket and spending time with family and friends. What I enjoy about philosophy are the endless discussions and the way it helps us think beyond the norm. I look forward to seeing you at our events!"