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UTSC’s Association of Philosophy Students (APS) organizes a number of instructive and fun philosophy events throughout the year, including guest lectures, pub nights, membership meetings, writing clinics, career information sessions, and more.

Faculty Meet & Greet, January 2021

The group meets approximately once a month to discuss ongoing projects and the formation of new ones. At General Meetings, members may be asked to vote on various items of business including budget considerations, upcoming events, and/or changes to the constitution. General members are encouraged to submit their questions, concerns, and suggestions to the Executive Committee prior to each scheduled meeting.


Meet your 2022-23 APS Executive Members

President - Jla Starr Johnson

Jla Starr Johnson

"Hey there! I am Jla Starr (pronounced Jay-la) I am a fourth year Joint Specialist Journalism student minoring in Philosophy. I am interested in broadcast and investigative journalism and find Philosophy interesting because it shares many similarities with Journalism: finding answers to the hard questions, truth seeking and uncovering discoveries in nearly every field. I am passionate about producing news and social events and I am excited to lead the APS team this year as President."


VP External - Leon Kirkhner

Portrait of Leon Kirkhner

"Hi all! I'm Leon, and I'm a 4th year Philosophy major and French major at UTSC. My main interests in philosophy are metaphysics, political philosophy, and ethics, but there's lots more to love in philosophy. What I appreciate most about philosophy as a whole is the necessity to think critically and creatively as you read and make arguments. It's also been great to meet people who are interested in tackling very interesting questions."


VP Operations - Alexander Marcu

Portrait of Alexander Marcu

"My name is Alex, I am a third-year student studying for a specialist in philosophy with a minor in biomedical ethics. I first came to philosophy through an epistemology elective in the second semester of my first year. I was struck by the clarity and incisive depth of the content, philosophy seemed to strike right at the heart of foundational questions. I'm particularly interested in philosophy of mind, language, science, epistemology, but I am still exploring and familiarizing myself with the many domains of inquiry philosophy has to offer!"


VP Speaker Relations - 

position vacant



VP Public Relations - Sodaba Khalilullah

bio coming soon

VP Public Relations - Qinran Tian

Portrait of Qinran Tian

"Hello everyone! I am Qinran Tian, the co-VP of public relations this semester. I am thrilled to be a part of APS. For me, APS is more like a family that brings together people who share similar interests and ambitions. I am in my third year of studying health, philosophy, and psychology. I do find those disciplines are deeply connected and enjoy making bridges among those disciplines to help build a better community. I can speak both English and Mandarin if you are interested in any philosophy events or thoughts feel free to talk to me!"


VP Academics - Elisa Patel

Portrait of Elisa Patel

"Hello, my name is Elisa-Kiran Patel (pronouns she and her). I am graduating with a major in Political Science and a double minor in Art history and Philosophy. I found myself drawn to philosophy ever since high school due to thinkers such as Immanuel Kant, Plato and Hobbes. I think the most compelling courses I have taken have been PHLB03 and PHLB35 due to their novel analysis of art as philosophy and early thinkers. In my spare time I journal and paint, which have really helped me through the dense material we cover in philosophy."


VP Events - 

position vacant