Summer Courses

PHLB05H3Y: Social Issues

Instructor:  Bowen Chan

Course Description:  An examination of contemporary or historical issues that force us to consider and articulate our values and commitments. The course will select issues from a range of possible topics, which may include globalization, medical ethics, war and terrorism, the role of government in a free society, equality and discrimination.


PHLB20H3F:  Belief, Knowledge and Truth

Instructor:  Jessica Wright.

Course Description:  An examination of the nature of knowledge, and our ability to achieve it. Topics may include the question of whether any of our beliefs can be certain, the problem of skepticism, the scope and limits of human knowledge, the nature of perception, rationality, and theories of truth.


PHLB30H3Y:  Existentialsim

Instructor:  Michael Blezy

Course Description:  This course will focus on introducing students to the thinkers and problems that have come to form the philosophical movement known as “existentialism.” Its overall goal will be threefold: (1) to survey the works of some of the main existentialist philosophers (in particular, Sartre, de Beauvoir, and Marcel), (2) to familiarize students with some the precursors who influenced the existential movement (Kierkegaard and Nietzsche), and (3) briefly examine the influence of existentialism on the fields of psychology, post-colonial studies, and literature (in particular, how existentialism influenced the work of Frankl, Fanon, and Baldwin). Our central concern will be the question of selfhood and self-making and its relation to the meaning or truth of human existence. Topics covered will include: the nature of the human condition, freedom and responsibility, choice, self-deception, absurdity, anxiety, the death of God, identity, and the role of community. 


PHLC09H3S:  Topics in Continental Philosophy

Instructor:  Natalie Helberg

Course Description:  This course is a reading and discussion intensive course in 20th century German and French European Philosophy. Among the movements we shall study will be phenomenology, existentialism, and structuralism. We will look at the writings of Martin Heidegger, Jean-Paul Sartre, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Michel Foucault, and Gilles Deleuze, among others.


PHLC10H3F:  Topics in Biomedical Ethics

Instructor:  Kayla Wiebe

Course Description:  An intermediate-level study of bioethical issues. This course will address particular issues in bioethics in detail. Topics will vary from year to year, but may include such topics as reproductive ethics, healthcare and global justice, ethics and mental health, the patient-physician relationship, or research on human subjects.


PHLC93H3Y Topics in Political Philosophy

Instructor:  Hamish Russell

Course Description:  This course will examine some contemporary debates in recent political philosophy. Topics discussed may include the nature of justice, liberty and the criteria of good government, and problems of social coordination.