Summer 2023 Course Offerings

Summer Courses

PHLB06H3Y: Business Ethics

Instructor: Spencer Albert

Lecture Mode: In person

Course Desciption: An examination of philosophical issues in ethics, social theory, and theories of human nature as they bear on business. What moral obligations do businesses have? Can social or environmental costs and benefits be calculated in a way relevant to business decisions? Do political ideas have a role within business?


PHLB12H3S: Philosophy of Sexuality

Instructor: TBC

Lecture Mode: In person

Course Description: Philosophical issues about sex and sexual identity in the light of biological, psychological and ethical theories of sex and gender; the concept of gender; male and female sex roles; perverse sex; sexual liberation; love and sexuality.


PHLB33H3S: God, Self, World

Instructor: Zain Raza

Lecture Mode: In person

Course Description: This course is a thematic introduction to the history of metaphysics, focusing on topics such as the nature of God, our own nature as human beings, and our relation to the rest of the world. We will read a variety of texts, from ancient to contemporary authors, that will introduce us to concepts such as substance, cause, essence and existence, mind and body, eternity and time, and the principle of sufficient reason. We will also look at the ethical implications of various metaphysical commitments.  


PHLB50H3Y: Symbolic Logic I

Instructor: Gary Graham

Lecture Mode: In person

Course Description: An introduction to formal, symbolic techniques of reasoning. Sentential logic and quantification theory (or predicate logic), including identity will be covered. The emphasis is on appreciation of and practice in techniques, for example, the formal analysis of English statements and arguments, and for construction of clear and rigorous proofs.


PHLC06H3F: Topics in Ethical Theory

Instructor: Bowen Chan

Lecture Mode: In person

Course Description: Philosophical ethics simultaneously aims to explain what ethics is, why it matters, and what it tells us to do. This is what is meant by the phrase 'ethical theory.' In this class we will explore specific topics in ethical theory in some depth. Specific topics may vary with the instructor.


PHLC10H3S: Topics in Bioethics

Instructor: C. Dalrymple-Fraser

Lecture Mode: In-person

Course Description: An intermediate-level study of bioethical issues. This course will address particular issues in bioethics in detail. Topics will vary from year to year, but may include such topics as reproductive ethics, healthcare and global justice, ethics and mental health, the patient-physician relationship, or research on human subjects.