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Socrates Project

Socrates Project students


The Socrates Project provides experiential learning in philosophy: selected advanced students will gain experiential learning by working as teaching assistants in our first year courses, PHLA10 and PHLA11, and by carrying out an intensive independent research project.  Students will take the full year PHLD88 Socrates Project Seminar which provides key support for the teaching and research components of the project. 

Roughly 75% of the seminar will be devoted to more in-depth study of the topics taken up in PHLA10H3 and PHLA11H3 to prepare students for teaching tutorials and marking assignments.  Students will write a seminar paper on one of these topics under the supervision of a UTSC Philosophy faculty member working in the relevant area, and they will give an oral presentation on their research topic each semester. 

The remaining 25% of the seminar will focus on the methods and challenges of teaching philosophy, benchmark grading, and grading generally.  

The project is also of value to first year students who have the experience of being taught by fellow undergraduate students.