Rory Harder

Rory Harder
Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream)
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I completed my PhD in philosophy in 2022 at the University of Toronto. My research is in the philosophy of language and mind.

At the broadest level, my research addresses philosophical issues concerning joint action: What does it mean to act together, such as in walking or talking with one another, or simply sharing experiences? What role does such engagement play in our lives as rational agents? I am especially concerned with linguistic communication—as one form of our joint action, but with a distinctive character—and in particular the meaning and use of demonstratives: words such as "this" and "that".


  • PhD, Philosophy (University of Toronto)
  • BA, Philosophy (University of Toronto)

Teaching Interests

Teaching in 2022-23

PHLA10 Reason and Truth
PHLB58 Reasoning Under Uncertainty
PHLC95 Topics in the Philosophy of Mind
PHLD87 Advanced Seminar in Philosophy of Mind

Research Interests

Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind