Mark Fortney

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  • BA, Cognitive Science, Carleton University
  • PhD, Philosophy, The University of Toronto

Dr. Fortney's most recent research is about the methodology of psychology, consciousness, and Wittgenstein's views on the mind. In the methodology of psychology, he has argued that most psychologists studying internal attention haven’t successfully defined that concept and that many psychologists trying to study romantic love are actually studying infatuation (some of this work is published at Theory & Psychology, and Dr. Fortney recently presented some of it at the Society for Philosophy and Psychology’s 2019 meeting). In consciousness studies, Dr. Fortney has argued that conscious thought has a centre and a periphery, just like conscious vision (this work is published in Journal of Consciousness Studies). In Wittgenstein studies, Dr. Fortney has offered a new interpretation of Wittgenstein’s account of the “bounds of sense” as he presents it in his last work, On Certainty (this work is forthcoming in Philosophia).

Teaching Interests: 

Teaching in 2020-21

PHLB35 Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy

PHLB91 Theories of Human Nature

PHLC89 Topics in Analytic Philosophy

PHLD86 Advanced Seminar in Philosophy: Socrates Project Mentorship

PHLD88 Advanced Seminar in Philosophy: Socrates Project


Research Interests: 

Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind