Andrew Lee

Portrait of Andrew Lee
Assistant Professor
Building MW 382


Prof. Lee is interested in the structure of consciousness. His work examines how structural concepts—such as degrees, dimensions, continuity, discreteness, parts, wholes, isomorphisms, and state-spaces—can be applied to conscious experiences. Some of his work can be described as "mathematical phenomenology."

Prof. Lee also works on philosophical questions about value, welfare, locations, infinite sums, introspection, perception, attention, and analog representation. His areas of research cut across mind, ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, language, science, math, and cognitive science.

To learn more about his work, visit his website.


  • PhD, Philosophy (NYU) 2019
  • MA, Philosophy (Brown University)
  • BS, Cognitive Science (Brown University)
  • BA, Philosophy (Brown University)

Teaching Interests

Teaching in 2023-2024

PHLA10: Introduction to Philosophy: Reason and Truth
PHLB55: Puzzles and Paradoxes
PHLD87: Advanced Seminar in the Philosophy of Mind

Research Interests

Philosophy of Mind