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NYU Undergraduate Philosophy Conference 2021 - Deadline Apr 15, 2021

Call for Papers: NYU Undergraduate Philosophy Conference 2021

Deadline: April 15, 2021

NYU Philosophy Forum, the undergraduate philosophy club at NYU, is hosting its inaugural Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at NYU (AUPC@NYU) and is now accepting papers for the conference.
AUPC@NYU envisions not only offering a platform for undergraduate philosophy students to share their work and have thought-provoking discussions with their peers, but also fostering a supportive network among philosophy students. Along with paper discussion sessions, AUPC@NYU will also host guest speeches, graduate study panels, and networking events.
In the times of a global pandemic, we see the value of asking and exploring important questions. Witnessing the world looking to achieve a new equilibrium, we believe that fostering philosophical discussions is of unique value.
Call for Papers
We are looking for high-quality philosophy papers written by current undergraduates. Ideally, the paper should be a piece that one could submit in a philosophy course, but all papers in any area of philosophy are welcome for review. Authors of accepted papers will be invited to present at our virtual conference on May 22nd - 23rd. Applications will close on April 15th. You will be notified in early May with our decision.
The following are the criteria we expect papers to meet for being considered for conference participation:
- The paper could be on any topic, but it should be written by a current undergraduate;
- The paper should be 1500 ~ 2500 words; an abstract of 200 ~ 400 words is required (please include it in the PDF file you submit);
- The paper has not been published elsewhere and, if accepted, cannot become published elsewhere. Applications for publication elsewhere should be withdrawn if you choose to participate in our conference;
- Each author can submit up to 2 papers (you will need to submit two separate applications); however, the committee will only accept at most 1 paper from one author for the conference.
Formatting requirements
- Your paper should be anonymized. That is, the paper itself cannot contain any identifying information, e.g., your name, your school, and any other personal information;
- Please submit your paper and your abstract in a PDF document named in the form of “First Name_Last Name_Institution” (and add “1” or “2” in the title if you are submitting two papers).
Please submit papers here.
We look forward to reading your papers! If you have any questions, please contact

U of T Undergraduate Philosophy Research Conference 2021 - Deadline Mar 5, 2021

Call for Papers:
University of Toronto
Undergraduate Philosophy Research Conference 2021 Deadline: Friday March 5, 2021 (11:59 pm EST)

The Conference

On April 12-14, 2021, the Department of Philosophy will hold its annual Undergraduate Philosophy Research Conference on Zoom. There will be 10-12 spaces available for undergraduate students to present their research. Presentations will each be 25-30 minutes long, followed by 20 minutes of Q&A. This is an open call to all University of Toronto students, from all campuses.


We are seeking novel and clearly executed papers that can be made into interesting 25-30 minute presentations. Suitable papers will be around, but not over, 3000 words in length. Anonymize your paper and email it as a PDF file to by 11:59pm EST on Friday, February 26. Please include a word count at the beginning of your paper. To ensure you have properly anonymized your paper, please review the document included below (courtesy of Noēsis). Given the limited number of spaces available, and the fact that last year’s applicants are being encouraged to re-submit as a result of last year’s conference having been cancelled out of concern for public safety, we will only be accepting one submission per applicant this year.

A few notes:

· If you do not have a completed paper but do have a suitably presentable work in progress in which all relevant ideas are resolved, feel free to send us an abstract or thorough outline.

· If you have an interdisciplinary paper that you think has substantial philosophical content, you are more than welcome to submit it. You may include a brief note at the top

of your submission if you would like to make a case for your paper’s philosophical merit, but this is not necessary.


As well as submissions, please send any questions to The account will be monitored closely in the weeks leading up the deadline.


Denison University's Episteme Journal - Deadline Mar 5, 2021

Episteme Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy Accepting Submissions until March 5th

Episteme is a student-run journal that aims to recognize and encourage excellence in undergraduate philosophy by providing examples of some of the best work currently being done in undergraduate philosophy programs. Episteme is published under the auspices of Denison University’s Department of Philosophy. Beginning in 2011, the journal is also being published at, using a Creative Commons license.

This coming edition of Episteme will be our 32nd volume and we are looking for especially exceptional papers to publish. The editors would like to encourage all undergraduate students to submit a paper in any area of philosophy. Papers are evaluated according to the following criteria: quality of research, depth of philosophic inquiry, creativity, original insight and clarity. Submissions to be considered for the 32nd volume (May 2021) should adhere to the following stipulations:

1. Be a maximum of 5,000 words, a minimum of 2,000 words.
2. Combine research and original insight.
3. Include a cover sheet that provides the following information: author’s name, mailing address (current and permanent), email address, telephone number, college or university name, title of submission and word count.
4. Include a “Works Cited” page in the Chicago Manual of Style format. Please use endnotes rather than footnotes.
5. To allow for a blind review process, the author’s name should not appear on the submission itself.
6. Submissions should be sent electronically, formatted for Microsoft Word. 7. More than one article per author will not be accepted for review.
8. Please be courteous; submit each paper to only one journal.

Submissions to be considered for May 2021 publication must be received by midnight, Friday, March 5th, 2021.

Please send papers and cover sheets to Questions should be submitted to the Editors (


Pensées Canadiennes - deadline Feb 8, 2021

Pensées Canadiennes Call for Submissions - deadline Feb 8th

Pensées Canadiennes, Canada’s national undergraduate journal of philosophy, is now accepting submissions for its upcoming volume, which will be published by the summer of 2021 and distributed across Canada. The journal is not restricted to any particular philosophical discipline, historical period, or methodology. We look for papers on any philosophical topic that demonstrate precision, excellent scholarship, and originality. Pensées accepts submissions in either French or English. A national editing team will select the papers by anonymous peer review process. Submissions are accepted from any undergraduate student currently enrolled in a philosophy program or any related discipline at a Canadian university.

Papers submitted for consideration must:

  • Have received an A-range grade (though it is strongly recommended that even such papers be substantially revised prior to submission)
  • Be between 3,500 and 7,500 words in length including footnotes and citation information (exceptions and small allowances may be made for truly outstanding scholarly work)
  • Be prepared for anonymous review (i.e., no author-identifying information or notes in the body of the paper).
  • Papers must be  formatted in accordance with the Chicago manual of style.

The failure to comply with any of these requirements will work strongly against the applicant. Papers most likely to be selected for publishing are those that present and defend rigorously original arguments, though especially insightful exegetical work will be accepted.

In addition to this, on a separate cover page, please include:

  • The author's full name
  • The submitted paper's title
  • The word count of the paper
  • A brief abstract (~100 words describing topic discussed in paper)
  • Academic status (year of study), major, university affiliation
  • An email address where we can reach you

Successful applicants will be provided with a copy of reviewer comments and suggested revisions, at which point publication of the accepted paper will be contingent upon timely acceptance of a revised draft.

Submissions should be sent to prior to February 8th, 2021. We look forward to reading your papers.

UBC's Journal of Philosophical Enquiries - deadline Feb 21, 2021

UBC's Journal of Philosophical Enquiries Submission Deadline - Feb 21, 2021

The University of British Columbia's undergraduate Journal of Philosophical Enquiries (JPE) is now accepting submissions. The JPE seeks to provide a platform for the highest calibre of undergraduate research and writing in the fields of philosophy, literary criticism, critical theory, and intellectual history. 

General Guidelines:

  • Papers must be original in nature and draw on the relevant literature.
  • Papers must be between 8-20 pages in length (not including citations).
  • Papers must be anonymised.
  • Each author can send up to two papers to be considered for publication.
  • Papers must be in a Word/.doc format.

If you are a passionate undergraduate who would like the opportunity to publish your work we highly encourage you to submit to us at For further guidelines please refer to our website:

Noesis - deadline Nov 29, 2020

Noesis Call for Submissions - deadline Nov. 29th 

Noesis, the University of Toronto's Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy, is delighted to extend a call for submissions, for the 22nd volume of the journal, for publication in the spring of 2021. Papers selected for publication in Noesis will demonstrate exceptional undergraduate scholarship in both their precision and originality. Submissions in all areas of philosophy are welcome. Especially insightful exegetical works and cross-disciplinary papers are welcome so long as the philosophical content included in the paper is substantial.

Papers submitted for consideration must:

  • Have received an A-range grade (although it is strongly recommended that even such papers be revised and expanded prior to submission).

  • Be no more than 5,000 words in length.

  • Be prepared for blind review (i.e., no author-identifying information or notes in the body of the paper - visit our website for further instruction on how to prepare for blind review).

  • Be submitted as a .pdf, .doc, or .docx file.

  • Be written in or translated to English.

In addition, please include the following information on a separate cover page:

  • The author's full name

  • The title of the submitted paper

  • The word count of the paper

  • The author's academic institution, program, and year of study  

  • The author's email address

Successful applicants will work with two Noesis senior editors over the course of three months to make changes, revisions, and additions to their paper, prior to publication. Papers should be submitted at or by email to by Sunday, November 29th, 2020 at 11:59 PM, EDT.