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2020-21 Course Highlights

Biomedical Ethics

PHLB09H3: Biomedical Ethics

Instructor: Joshua Brandt

This course is an examination of moral and legal problems in medical practice, in biomedical research, and in the development of health policy. Topics may include: concepts of health and disease, patients’ rights, informed consent, allocation of scarce resources, euthanasia, risks and benefits in research and others.

PHLC07H3: Death and Dying

Instructor: Joshua Brandt

An intermediate-level study of the ethical and legal issues raised by death and dying. Topics may vary each year, but could include the definition of death and the legal criteria for determining death, the puzzle of how death can be harmful, the ethics of euthanasia and assisted suicide, the relationship between death and having a PHLD09H3: Advanced Seminar in Biomedical Ethics

Instructor: Joshua Brandt

This advanced seminar will delve deeply into an important topic in bioethics. The topics will vary from year to year. Possible topics include: a detailed study of sperm and ovum donation; human medical research in developing nations; informed consent; classification of mental illness.


Philosophy of Mind

PHLC86H3:  Issues in the Philosophy of Mind

Instructor: Elliott Carter

Advance Issues in the Philosophy of Mind. For example, an examination of arguments for and against the idea that machines can be conscious, can think, or can feel. Topics may include: Turing's test of machine intelligence, the argument based on Gödel's theorem that there is an unbridgeable gulf between human minds and machine capabilities, Searle's Chinese Room thought experiment.

PHLC89H3: Topics in Analytic Philosophy

Instructor: Mark Fortney

What is a mental disorder? What justifies beliefs about particular cases of mental disorder? In this course we’ll look at recent work that applies the methods of analytic philosophy to questions like those two, which concern the metaphysics and epistemology of mental disorder. Most of our readings will come from the book Understanding Mental Disorder by Daniel Lafleur, Christopher Mole, and Holly Onclin (although we’ll also look at some shorter pieces that offer alternative perspectives on the issues of the course). 

PHLD87H3: Advanced Seminar in the Philosophy of Mind

Instructor: Benj Hellie

This course offers in-depth examination of selected contemporary theories and issues in philosophy of mind, such as theories of perception or of consciousness, and contemporary research examining whether minds must be embodied or embedded in a larger environment.