Welcome to the Philosophy Department at UTSC!

We are a small department where students enjoy getting to know outstanding faculty members who bring their cutting edge research to their teaching.  Philosophical issues comes to life in our courses as students learn key skills: how to think critically and analytically about difficult questions that cannot be studied experimentally; how to construct and assess arguments; and how to write clear and incisive essays. 

2018-19 promises to be an exciting year.  We are growing – welcome to our new faculty members, Professor Christian Pfeiffer and Lecturers Mark Fortney and Jacob Stump.  All of our faculty are adding new and updated courses.  Our Association of Philosophy Students is planning more events than ever.  Last but not least, second semester will see us move from our portable into a new permanent department space.  Please check out all our news and initiatives.

Image of William Seager and Waheed Hussain

New to Philosophy?

We have two first year introductory courses "Reason and Truth' and 'Introduction to Ethics'

Image Christian Pfeiffer

New Faculty Member in Ancient Philosophy

Professor Christian Pfeiffer will be joining us in January 2019 with two new courses in Ancient Philosophy

Jessica Wilson

New Course in Non-Western Philosophy

Professor Jessica Wilson is introducing a new course in Topics in Non-Western Philosophy (PHLC14)

Image of Jacob Stump

Updated Ethics Courses in 2018/2019

Exciting new updates to our Ethics courses with 'Oppression and Privilege' and 'Philosophy as a Way of Life' taught by Jacob Stump

Image of Phil Kremer

Check out this year's PHLC99

Professor Phillip Kremer will teach our Philosophical Development Seminar on Realism and Antirealism

Image of Mark Fortney

Updated courses in Philosophy of Mind

Mark Fortney is updating our some of our advanced courses to focus on Consciousness and Attention