Internet Skills Workshop Series

In 2017/18 I developed a series of workshops to teach Internet skills to clients of a Scarborough organization, The Second Chance Foundation, which was founded with the mission to provide a variety of social supports to formerly incarcerated women. I launched the workshop series in the spring of 2018, covering the following topics:

  1. Introduction to the basics of using the internet (how it works, how to find information)
  2. How to evaluate online information sources (CRAAP, fake news, understanding Wikipedia)
  3. Learning about digital privacy (passwords, location settings, browser settings)

It was important to me to understand the participants’ information needs and to provide meaningful and effective means of information literacy and digital skill building for women in Scarborough who had been previously incarcerated. Therefore, I also developed a research project to assess the teaching and learning outcomes of the workshops and adjust for improvements over time, in order to address the needs and maximize the learning experiences of the participants and improve my teaching.

In the spirit of openness, these research and teaching materials are available in case they might be useful others seeeking to do this kind of work. These materials are openly available to be used as-is, adapted, updated, or shared under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

In this Google drive you will find:

Research Materials folder

  • Informed consent form
  • Pre-workshop forms
  • Post-workshop forms

Teaching Materials folder

  • Workshop 1 – handouts, teaching notes, and slides
  • Workshop 2 – handouts, teaching notes, and slides
  • Workshop 3 – handouts, teaching notes, and slides



Kemble, Whitney. “If You Build Workshops, They Still Might Not Come: Notes on a Not-so-Successful Community Initiative.” Open Shelf, April 12, 2021.