(* indicates Lectures only, ** indicates Lectures and Labs taught, and *** indicates research study)

University of Toronto Scarborough

  1. First Year Introductory Chemistry I: Structure and Bonding (CHMA10H3)**
  2. First Year Introductory Chemistry II: Reactions and Mechanisms (CHMA11H3)**
  3. Second Year Organic Chemistry I (CHMB41H3)**
  4. Second Year Organic Chemistry II (CHMB42H3)**
  5. Second Year Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry (CHMB31H3)*
  6. Second Year Physical Sciences Research Experience (PSCB90H3)***
  7. Third Year Organic Reaction Mechanisms (CHMC41H3)**
  8. Third Year Organic Synthesis (CHMC42H3)**
  9. Third Year Bio-Organic Chemistry (CHMC47H3)**
  10. Third Year Physical Chemistry: Topics in Biophysical Chemistry (CHMC21H3)*
  11. Fourth Year Bio-Inorganic Chemistry (CHMD69H3)*
  12. Fourth Year Directed Research (CHMD91H3)***
  13. Fourth Year Bio-Organic Chemistry (CHMD47H3) *
  14. Fourth Year Advanced Research (CHMD92H3)***

Other Teaching Experience

  1. University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus, Lecturer, Second Year Introductory Organic Chemistry II
  2. University of Toronto, St. George campus, Lecturer & Lab Coordinator, First- and Second-Year Organic Chemistry
  3. York University, Lecturer, Third Year Organic Chemistry III
  4. University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Lab Coordinator, First, Second-and Third-Year Organic Chemistry.