Catalan Bay, Gibraltar.

A decade ago, I began a project that would allow individuals interested in Gibraltar to explore its history using a computer based program. With the help of Sid Sharma and Bill Granger and support from the University of Toronto Scarborough a series of information modules were created. The most significant of the features was the ability to search the censuses of 1878, 1791 and 1777 for possible genealogical information. The initial project was facilitated by support of T. Finlayson, the former archivist, and C. Finlayson, the present director of the Gibraltar Museum. Most recently, Dennis Beiso, Gibraltar’s current archivist encouraged me to make the Gibraltar Explorer available online for the citizens of Gibraltar. It is important to acknowledge that without the technical computer expertise at U. of T. Scarborough this project would have remained dormant. I would like to thank in particular J. Harper, Salvi Villavelez and Joseph Stewart for their support.

The Gibraltar Explorer is accessible to anyone free of charge provided that it is not used for profit by a third party, and that it is duly acknowledged.


Technical Notes:

  1. Download the zipped file. Upzip the file by placing the software in a dedicated folder, say for example – gibexplore. The software will load momentarily. Use the escape key to exit the program.
  2. Unfortunately, this software will not work under the current Mac operating system.