Dr. Bagby teaches two seminars in the Current Topics in Clinical Psychology (PSYD33H3) and Personality Disorders (PSYD32H3).

The goal of these courses is to expose students to mental disorders in greater detail than is offered in introductory abnormal courses, with particular emphasis on research issues.  Classes are conducted in seminar style and students are expected to have read the assigned material prior to class, and to engage in class discussion.

Dr. Bagby also supervises undergraduate students for their Honours Thesis in Psychology (PSYD98).

If you are interested in enrolling with Professor Bagby as a supervisor, please forward your cover letter, CV or resume, and unofficial transcript to the Lab Manager, Aqsa Zahid, at bagbylab@gmail.com.

For more information about these courses, please refer to the academic course calendar.


Dr. Bagby teaches Psychological Assessment (CPS1701H) and Psychopathology (CPS1601H).

Psychological Assessment is intended to instruct students in the basics of psychometric theory (e.g. reliability, validity, and statistical prediction). Other topics to be covered include structured clinical interviewing, multi-scale self-report inventories, and performance-based measures. Students will become familiar with advanced psychometric theory, administration, scoring, and interpretation of the measures that are commonly used.

Psychopathology provides a survey of major categories of psychopathology across the lifespan with an emphasis on criteria for the diagnosis of mental disorders. Different perspectives on the etiology and maintenance of psychopathology are discussed, including cognitive, behavioural, biological, genetic, interpersonal and sociocultural. Important consideration will be given to issues of diversity, broadly defined to include age, class, disability, ethnicity, sex, religion, and sexual identity, and the ways in which these factors may influence the expression, course and clinical presentation of mental disorders.

Dr. Bagby will be on sabbatical starting July 2021 and is currently not accepting new graduate student applications in the Psychological Clinical Science Program.

Consult the University of Toronto’s Graduate Department of Psychology website for more information about admissions procedures and deadlines.