PhD Students

Mahendra Doraisami (2020-present).

Thesis: Wood chemical traits in trees and their linkage with forest biogeochemical processes.


Masters Students

Rosalyn Kish, MEnvSc (2020-present).

Thesis: Spread and tree mortality of Beech Bark Disease in an unmanaged temperate forest: characteristics and carbon dynamics.


Previous Students

Rachel Mariani, MEnvSc (2019-20).

Thesis: Global shifts in crop diversity through the Anthropocene.

Fallon Hayes, MEnvSc (2016-17).

Thesis: Functional traits in temperate agroforestry systems.

Mahendra Doraisami, MEnvSc (2016-17).

Thesis: Wood carbon concentrations in the world’s trees and forests.

Laura Bugiel, MEnvSc (2015-16).

Thesis: Microbial community variation across land-use gradients.

Serra Buchanan, MSc (2014-16).

Thesis: Functional traits in coffee agroforestry systems.

Tian Lin, HBA (2017-18).

Thesis: The contribution of community forestry to climate change adaptive capacity in tropical dry forests: lessons from Myanmar.

Tina Hale, MEnvSc (2014-2015)

Thesis: Functional trait-based indices of agricultural vulnerability to climate change.