Research Projects

Selected recent projects

Let’s talk about Bell Let’s Talk

A project consisting of a series of focus groups to gather undergraduate students’ perspectives on the Bell Let’s Talk campaign. Led by Kevin Lai, PSYD98 thesis student.

The Bell Let’s Talk anti-stigma campaign: How inclusive is it of racial and ethnic minority experiences of mental health? 

A qualitative project involving content analysis of official Bell Let’s Talk campaign materials. Led by Sarah Ahmed, Budding Scholar Research Extension Award student.

Selected recent research posters (do not cite without permission)

Chang, J., Di Domenico, S., Rodrigo, A. H., Ruocco, A., & Dere, J. (August, 2016). Interdependent self-construal influences medial prefrontal activation during decision-making from different perspectives. Poster presentation, 23rd convention of the International Association for Cross-cultural Psychology, Nagoya, Japan.

2015-2016 PSYD98 poster – Sally Xie: The role of mainstream and ethnic social connectedness in the adjustment of Canadian and international undergraduates

2015-2016 PSYD98 poster – Jenna Pirmohamed: Cultural influences on attitudes towards chronic illness

2014-2015 PSYD98 poster – Amina Hussain: The association between acculturation, emotional expressivity, and attitudes towards help-seeking in a South Asian and Euro-Canadian student sample

Yiu, S., & Dere, J. (November, 2014). Cultural examination of beliefs about luck and gambling behaviours among Chinese-heritage and Euro-Canadian students. Poster presentation, 48th Annual Convention of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT), SIG Poster Exposition, Philadelphia, U.S.

2013-2014 PSYD98 poster – Shirley Yiu: Cultural Differences in Reasons for Gambling Between Chinese-Heritage and Euro-Canadian Students

Alita Fernandez’s 2017 thesis poster

Kevin Lai’s 2017 thesis poster



Natasha Gill’s poster at the 2017 UTSC Undergraduate Research Poster Forum

Sarah Ahmed’s poster at the 2017 UTSC Undergraduate Research Poster Forum

Jenna Pirmohamed’s 2016 thesis poster