In the Cultural-Clinical Psychology Lab, we conduct research at the intersection of cultural and clinical psychology. The focus is on research that draws on theoretical and empirical developments in both areas of psychology, in order to better understand the interplay between cultural factors and mental health and illness. We examine cultural variations across multiple facets and types of mental health problems.

Particular areas of interest include: Cultural differences in the experience and expression of emotional distress; cultural differences in the symptom presentation of depression and anxiety; beliefs about mental illness and about its treatment; and acculturation. Our overarching objective is to conduct research that will contribute to improvements in the assessment and treatment of mental illness among people of all cultural backgrounds, as well as to more broadly promote a culturally-informed approach to mental health.


Dr. Dere had the honour of speaking as part of the TEDxUTSC 2015 conference. Her talk was titled “The Challenges and Rewards of a Culturally-Informed Approach to Mental Health”, and can be viewed below.