Year Month Day Source Title
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2022 6 3 Globe and Mail The Ontario election willfully ignored the undeniable economic challenges bearing down on the province
2022 5 30 Globe and Mail Tax & Spend: Ottawa’s silence on hiring subsidy statistics is a secret wrapped in a mystery; When the federal government launched CEWS in 2020, it published weekly stats on the use of the program. But it appears Ottawa has learned its lesson from that experiment in transparency;
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2021 7 23 Globe and Mail Liberal government negotiates child-care agreements with provinces as history repeats itself
2021 7 23 The Globe and Mail The economic benefits of child care are all too clear: ECONOMY
2021 7 10 Hamilton Spectator Research shows school closures not essential
2021 7 10 La Presse Canadienne Les femmes à faible revenu restent les plus touchées par la crise de la COVID-19
2021 7 7 Toronto Star Evidence suggests there was no benefit to Ontario closing its schools.
2021 6 15 UofT News COVID-19 school closures accelerate education inequities in Ontario: U of T researchers
2021 6 10 Toronto Star School closures have been hard on students and the economy.
2021 6 4 Ottawa Citizen Ontario leads the country in COVID-19 school closures — and kids have paid a price, study finds
2021 5 22 Toronto Star Some predicted a pandemic baby boom – but it’s looking more like a baby bust.
2021 3 29 Globe and Mail A long way to go’: Eight charts that explain Canada’s tough task of recovering jobs.
2021 3 8 CBC News Trudeau vows to tackle ‘she-cession’ after new report says pandemic has been worse for working women
2021 3 8 Financial Post Liberals told to think beyond child care in work to craft ‘shecession’ recovery plan
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2020 12 4 The Canadian Press Childcare adds to strain for working mothers as pace of job gains slows
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2019 3 9 Le Devoir “Redshirting”, when school exemptions make school
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2017 8 24 WSJ Pro Central Banking Draghi Likely Lay Out End to Europe’s QE | Bundesbank Sees Strong German Growth Continuing | Weaker Dollar May Make Fed Rate Rises More Aggressive | Timiraos’s Take: Despite Economic Unease, Fed Officials Have Reasons for Brighter Spirits at Jackson Hole; The Wall Street Journal’s central banking newsletter for Monday, August 21, 2017
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