Under the Review Process:

“Examining the evidence on skills needed in the 21st century using citation analysis: Understanding the quality of grey literature produced by influential global management consulting firms and international organizations” (with Sumayya Saleem,  Linda White, Jamie Waese, and Michal Perlman) – under review

Can Informational Nudges Improve University Students’ Learning Engagement with Online Tools?” (with Jill Furzer, Michal Perlman, and Linda White) – under review

Isn’t that NEET?  Increasing Engagement with Online Learning Tools for Unemployed Youth” (with Jill Furzer, Michal Perlman, and Linda White) – R&R requested at Canadian Public Policy.

Unequal & Increasingly Unfair: How Federal Policy Creates Disparities in Special Education Funding” (with Tammy Kolbe and Sara Menlove Doutre) – under review

The Big Short: Early Childhood Education Expansion in Post-Pandemic Canada” (with Annie Pan and Brad Seward) – under review

Manuscripts in Process:

“What do Parents Talk about When They Talk About Child Care? Using Social Media Data to Test the Effects of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Regulations on Parent Perceptions of Risk and Anxiety (with Adrienne Davidson, Michal Perlman, Ludovic Rheault, Jamie-Waese-Perlman, and Linda White)

“When Money Shouldn’t Matter: The Effect of State Education Spending on Special Education Identification” (with Tammy Kolbe and Muhammad Ali Sajid)

“Money Matters in the Identification of Autism.” (with Tammy Kolbe)

“The Effect of Early Education Programming on Later Academic Outcomes” (with Jon Duan, Muhammad Ali Sajid, and Brett Wilmer)

“How to Teach Creativity to Young Children: A Meta-Analysis.” (with Samantha Burns, Evelyn McMullen, Michal Perlman, and Linda White)

“How to Teach Problem Solving to Young Children: A Meta-Analysis.” (with Evelyn McMullen, Samantha Burns, Michal Perlman, and Linda White)

“The Impact of Full-Day Kindergarten in Ontario: A Closer Look using Tax Records.” (with Tingting Zhang)

“The Consequences of School Fundraising in Ontario.” (with Justin Smith)

“Top Dog in High School: Effect on University Applications Decisions and Performance” (with  A. Abigail Payne and Justin Smith)