Under the Review Process:

The Impact of Full-Day Kindergarten on Maternal Labour Supply” (with Jessie Lamontagne and Tingting Zhang) – under review

Who Benefits from Regular Class Participation?” (with Lei Tang, Shanshan Li, and Emma Auden) – under review

ADHD Misidentification in School: Causes and Mitigators” (with Jill Furzer and Audrey Laporte)


Manuscripts in Process:

“The Impact of Full-Day Kindergarten in Ontario – A Closer Look using the LAD” (with Tingting Zhang)

“The Consequences of Full-Day Kindergarten on the Child Care Sector”

“How do Elected School Board Administrators Impact Education Outcomes? Evidence from Ontario School Trustees (with Abigail Payne and Jessica Wagner)

“The Benefits of Outdoor Education: Evidence from Clear Creek Outdoor Education Center” (with Bevin Ashenmiller and Diana Ngo)

“A Big Fish in a Small Pond?” (with Abigail Payne and Justin Smith)

“The Consequences of School Fundraising in Ontario” (with Justin Smith)