The Routledge Companion to Health Humanities (2020). Co-edited with Paul Crawford and Brian Brown.

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1. Research in Humanities


The Aesthetics of Senescence: Aging, Population, and the Nineteenth-Century British Novel (hardcover, SUNY Press: January 2020)

 Books Edited

The Routledge Companion to Health HumanitiesCo-edited with Paul Crawford and Brian Brown. Routledge: March 2020.

Book Series Edited

“Studies in Health Humanities” book series, founding Editor (with Lorenzo Servitje). Lehigh University Press, 2020-present.

The Aesthetics of Senescence (hardcover edition, published by SUNY Press, 2020).

Selected Articles, Chapters, Essays

“The Manual of Disaster: Creativity, Preparedness, and Writing the Emergency Room.” With Stefan Krecsy. Accepted to University of Toronto Quarterly; published online ahead of print July 2020. [Link] [PDF]

“On Applying the Arts and Humanities in Austere Times.” Chapter in The Routledge Companion to Health Humanities (eds. Paul Crawford, Brian Brown, Andrea Charise). Routledge, 2020. 18-26.

“Resemblance, Diversity, and Making Age Studies Matter.” Chapter in Teaching Health Humanities (eds. Olivia Banner, Nathan Carlin, Thomas Cole). Oxford University Press, 2019. 188-206.

“Site, Sector, Scope: Mapping the Epistemological Landscape of Health Humanities,” Journal of Medical Humanities (Epub ahead of print, May 2017). [Link; view-only PDF].

“Spots of Future Time: Tableaux, Masculinity, and the Enactment of Aging.” Modern Drama 59.2 (2016): 155-176. [Link] [PDF]

“G.H. Lewes and the Impossible Classification of Organic Life.” Victorian Studies 57.3 (2015): 377-386. [Link]

  • Responded to by Elizabeth Helsinger in “Fictions of Time: Aging, Teaching, and Mining: A Response” in Victorian Studies (2015): 405-412. Print.

“The Future is Certain: Manifesting Age, Culture, Humanities.” Age, Culture, Humanities: An Interdisciplinary Journal 1 (2014): 11-16. [Link]

“Romanticism Against Youth.” Essays in Romanticism 20 (2013): 83-100. [Link; as of June 2017, my essay was the journal’s “Most Read”!]

“The tyranny of age’: Godwin’s St Leon and the Nineteenth-Century Longevity Narrative.” English Literary History (ELH) 79.4 (2012): 905-33. [Link]

“Let the reader think of the burden’: Old Age and the Crisis of Capacity.” Occasion: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities 4 (Stanford University, 2012): 1-16. [Link] [PDF]


“Articulations of Care: Motherhood, Memoir, Disability” [Review essay]. Literature and Medicine, 33.2 (2015): 428-434. [Link] [PDF]

Out of Time: The Pleasures and Perils of Aging, by Lynne Segal.” Age, Culture, Humanities: An Interdisciplinary Journal 2 (2015): n.p., web ahead of print [Link].

With Alan Bewell. “Desire and Disorder: Fevers, Fictions, and Feeling in English Georgian Culture, by Candace Ward.” Eighteenth-Century Fiction 21.3 (2009): 459-61. [Link] [PDF]

Encyclopedia Entries

“‘I Am’ (‘Lines: I Am’): John Clare.” Encyclopedia of Literary Romanticism. Ed. Andrew Maunder. New York: Facts on File, 2010. 192-93. [Link]

“More English, Less Islam? An Overview of English Language Functions in the Arabian/Persian Gulf.” Cultural & Linguistic Perspectives: An Online Encyclopedia (Diasporic Englishes). University of Toronto (2007): n. pag. [Link]

Journal Issues Edited/Co-edited

With Marlene Goldman, Linda Hutcheon, and Michael Hutcheon. Spec. issue on “Aging, Old Age, Memory, Aesthetics.” Occasion: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities, 4 (2012). [Link to issue]

2. Research in Health Sciences

Selected Articles, Chapters, Essays

Stewart KE, J Du Mont, A Charise, HJ Polatajko. “Life, irrupted: A Narrative Inquiry into the Occupational Lives of Women Who Experienced Sexual Assault While at University.” Journal of Occupational Science, June 2020 (online ahead of print).

Stewart KE, A Charise, J Du Mont, HJ Polatajko. “The Aftermath and the Aftermyth: How Memoirists Discuss Everyday Living After Sexual Assault During University.” Qualitative Health Research, May 2020 (online ahead of print).

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Charise A, M Eginton. “Humanistic Perspectives: Arts and the Aging Mind.” The Wiley Handbook on the Aging Mind and Brain, First Edition. Eds. Matthew Rizzo, Steven Anderson, and Bernd Fritzsch. John Wiley & Sons, April 2018 (peer-reviewed). 78-99. [Link] [PDF]

Diachun LL, A Charise, M Goldszmidt, Y Hui, L Lingard. “Exploring the Realities of Curriculum by Random Opportunity: The Case of Geriatrics on the Internal Medicine Clerkship Rotation.” Canadian Geriatrics Journal 17.4 (2014): 126-132. [Link] [PDF]

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Massimi M, A Charise. Dying, Death, and Mortality: Towards Thanatosensitivity in HCI [Human-Computer Interaction].”  “Proc. CHI 2009 Extended Abstracts, 2459-2468. [Link to PDF; see also Wikipedia’s entry on thanatosensitivitya methodological approach to HCI design I developed together with Mike Massimi. Our work is also cited in this great 2012 article from The Verge as “simultaneously dry and far-out”—what more could a scholar ask for?].

Wells JL, Egan M, Byrne K, Jaglal S, Dumbrell AC*, Stolee P. “Uses of the National Rehabilitation Reporting System: perspectives of geriatric rehabilitation clinicians.” Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy 76.4 (2009): 294-8. [Link]

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Dumbrell AC*, MA Durst, LL Diachun. “White Coats Meet Grey Power: Students and Seniors Respond to an ‘Intergenerational Gala’.” Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 55.6 (2007): 948-54. [Link] [PDF[Awarded the Canadian Institutes of Health Research AgePlus Prize]

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Nichol G, E Huszti, JL Rokosh, A Dumbrell*, J McGowan, L Becker. “Impact of Informed Consent Requirements on Cardiac Arrest Research in the United States: Exception from Consent or from Research?” Resuscitation 62.1 (2004): 3-23. [Link]

(*NB: surname change)