Our Vision:

To deliver excellence in community development and engagement by building and strengthening relationships in the community, while playing a distinctive role in the development, application and exchange of knowledge.

Our Mission:

UTSC will engage with community groups, agencies, the public sector, businesses, students, alumni, donors and charities (through the methods previously stated) to strengthen our position as the destination of choice for teaching, learning, research and employment by affirming our place as a vital community partner and neighbour.

Our Values & Principles:

Our “guiding principles” give shape to the commonality of UTSC’s diverse communities. Though institutional boundaries exist, we seek a set of common principles that sustain academic, social, economic and environmental growth and responsibility. Our principles define our culture, guide our decision-making and demonstrate how we work collaboratively with each other and our community. The principles that guide UTSC’s community development and engagement strategy are consistent with our vision and Academic, Strategic and Campus Master Plans