Our Approach

Over the past several years, UTSC has begun shifting our institutional culture so that faculty, staff, and students see themselves as civic actors within the larger community. We have co-developed, with our community partners, The East Scarborough Storefront, a unique and successful reciprocal learning community development approach that has tremendous potential for transformational change, locally and profound implications for community/university work across the country. The reciprocal-learning community development approach is a collection of principles and practices that focus on the university and community understanding each other's needs and values and creating place-based action plans that meet both pedagogical needs and local social change agendas.

A working definition of community engagement:

Community engagement at UTSC is about the ways the university and communities within and beyond UTSC partner in a reciprocal, values-based way through:

  • Research
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Collaboration, Action & Reflection
  • Public Engagement & Campus Development