Environmental Community Outreach

UTSC is known for leading scholarship in the environment—addressing the social and ecological dimensions of natural resources and the environment to improve sustainability. 

At UTSC, being green means being connected—to the local farmers who supply our food outlets, through our academic endeavours, and by our responsibility to future generations.

We are committed to building a sustainable community through outreach and education on important issues like climate change, resource valuation, and conservation. We’re planning responsibly, preserving resources and reducing our environmental impact.

Eastern GTA Eco-Summit

The two-day event aimed to link environment research, teaching and institutional practices to community initiatives that create partnerships with both government and community members in Eastern GTA.

Malvern Action for Neighbourhood Change Urban Farm

UTSC is the primary academic partner as the ANC continues urban agriculture in the Rouge National Urban Park.

MFRC Famer Learning Series

A ten week co-designed  community-based workshop that exchanged skills and understanding of how to run an urban farm and grow health produce.

Rouge  National Urban Park

UTSC is the primary research and education partner and serves as platform for collaborations with the Rouge National Urban Park

    • Limited Term Professorship in Urban Forest Conservation and Biology

Smart Commute Scarborough

A partnership that promotes alternative modes of  transportation for the UTSC community.

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

Provided three year funding to help support UTSC build on its reputation as a leader in the field of environmental  and biological science.

Toronto Zoo

(Touch base with Marc C)

Understanding Your Environment at East Scarborough Storefront

A six week collaborative course facilitated by UTSC staff member. The course aimed to increase local environmental knowledge and use of green space in the KGO community.

U of T Scarborough Farmers’ Market

Local farmer, producer or artisan sell their goods weekly at UTSC.

UTSC Community Garden

The gardens provide a space where the community can come together to engage in urban gardening and learn about local food production while building stronger community connections.

Water Wise

An ecological festival celebrating water.

42 Rides

A  bicycle and skateboard program in the Malvern community. It is also a popup repair shop.