Community Engagement

We are confidently at home in our diverse urban environment, enriching its quality and at the same time drawing life and strength from it. Meaningful community engagement is  influenced by the places in which we live, learn, work and play. Whether it’s through the arts, sports or participating in cultural events these activities help build our community.

Culinaria Research Centre

The Culinaria Research Centre is a multidisciplinary initiative that blends research excellence with community engagement and student research experience.

Indigenous Outreach Program (Coordinated by the Department of Student Life)

Provides opportunities for students to connect with the Indigenous Community on traditional teaching land.

  • Pilot program – academic mentorship at Eastview Public Schoo l -Checking with DSL
  • Southeast Scarborough Pow Wow - Checking with DSL

IMANI Academic Mentorship Program (Coordinated by the Department of Student Life)

A program that is intended to connect black youth to opportunities which gives them access to explore post-secondary education.

Learn Program

In partnership with TAIBU, U of T Scarborough students provide mentorship and tutor support

L.I.F.T. (Let's Inspire for Today)

Youth advocacy table that aims to provide platforms for meaningful engagement of local you.

LN 15 TDSB Talks

TEDX style conference that invites elementary school students from across Scarborough to give short presentations on topics of choices to fellow students, parents and staff from each participating school. Judges from the local community select one winner from the junior and intermediate divisions.

Positive Space

The Positive Space Committee for the Scarborough campus meets monthly to discuss emerging issues, respond to needs throughout the campus and network with others to support the Positive Space Campaign at U of T Scarborough.

Scarborough Food Truck Festival

The Scarborough Food Truck Festival brings together local vendors and the community to raise funds to support services and programs of the Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough.

TAIBU Community Health Centre

TAIBU is a not-for-profit community led organization offering multidisciplinary primary healthcare, health promotion programs and other community development initiatives in the Malvern community.

TDSB Walk of Excellence

Annually celebrates students' success transitioning from high school to post-secondary. Ceremonial celebrations begin at a local high school then followed by a walk to campus and closing reception.

150 Neighbours

A multifaceted project that captures the power voices and stories of the vibrant community of Scarborough.