Rules and Regulations

All University of Toronto Scarborough Parking Permits:

  1. are for the use, and remain the responsibility of the person in whose name the permit was sold;

  2. remain the property of the University of Toronto Scarborough Parking Services, and cannot be resold or transferred to another person without the express written consent of University of Toronto Scarborough Parking Services;

  3. must be surrendered upon request of Enforcement, Parking Services or Campus Police Services employees;

  4. are issued for the use of registered vehicles only (as applicable);

  5. are not to be duplicated or altered in any form;

  6. to be valid, a hanging permit must be displayed hanging from the rear view mirror facing forward so that the permit number is visible; a cash receipt or ticket must be displayed on the dash so that the date and/or expiry time is visible.

  7. must be promptly returned to the Parking Services Office if they are canceled, revoked or refunded;

  8. Proximity (access) cards cannot be displayed in lieu of a hanging permit.

In accepting a parking permit, the permit holder agrees to abide by these University of Toronto Scarborough Parking Rules and Regulations and the following

  1. to display his/her permit at all times when parking on campus;

  2. to park in authorized parking areas designated by Parking Services - individual Faculties, Departments or campus operations cannot give this permission;

  3. to park in an orderly manner so as to occupy only the space required by one vehicle, and to do so without encroaching on adjacent parking spaces;

  4. to ensure that his or her parking permit is only used with vehicles registered to that permit (as applicable);

  5. to pay heed to requests by Enforcement, Parking Services staff or Campus Police concerning the parking of a vehicle;

  6. to obey all regulatory traffic signs on campus;

  7. to obey all parking directions given by Parking Services staff or Campus Police;

  8. to notify the Parking Office promptly of any changes of status, address, office location or telephone number, or vehicle license number (as applicable);

  9. to surrender any parking permit or ticket for inspection by Enforcement, Parking Services staff or Campus Police upon request;

  10. to assume all responsibility for the vehicles bearing his/her permit.