1. These regulations apply in all parking areas owned by or administered by the University of Toronto Scarborough.

  2. All persons using University parking facilities are subject to these regulations. By accepting a parking permit or daily parking receipt/ticket, those persons using U of T Scarborough parking facilities agree to abide by these regulations.

  3. The Manager, Parking Services is responsible for the overall supervision and administration of parking lots and services. Any questions concerning parking areas should be referred to the Parking Services Office at 416-287-7576.

  4. Neither the University of Toronto nor any of its employees shall be responsible for loss of, or damage to any vehicle or contents however caused.

  5. These regulations reflect the current policies of the University of Toronto Scarborough and take into account the current availability of parking spaces. Should parking conditions change, Parking Services reserves the right to modify these regulations. These Rules and Regulations as provided through the U of T Scarborough Parking Services website are the most current, and take precedence over previously available versions.

  6. Parking permits remain the property of U of T Scarborough and cannot be resold or permanently transferred to another person without written consent of U of T Scarborough Parking Services.

  7. Repeated violations of parking regulations, improper or unauthorized use of parking permits or daily cash receipts/tickets, failure to pay fees, failure to comply with the instructions of Parking Enforcement Officers and staff, may result in the withdrawal of parking privileges, University sanctions, and/or criminal investigation.