Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you can share your UTSC parking permit with a friend or co-worker.  You must register all vehicles with the Parking Services Office and only one prox card will be issued for each permit.  Only one of the registered vehicles can be parked on campus using the permit/prox card at any one time. 

The current parking permit options are priced to be more economical if you are on campus the majority of the work week or need to come and go from the campus multiple times in a day.  For those who are on campus less frequently, the hourly short term or daily flat rate lots will be your most economical option.


Due to the reduced number of available parking spaces, the number of parking permits available for purchase will be limited to reflect our current parking lot capacity.  As always, parking permits are sold on a first come first served basis. While parking passes have not sold out in past years, there is no guarantee of availability.

Permit Holder parking lots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  The number of permits sold for each parking lot is based on inventory and utilization data and we expect during normal operations there will be spaces available.  However, there is no guarantee of availability, particularly during peak demand periods.

A proxminity ("prox") card is an access card that is used with a valid UTSC parking permit to acess the gated parking lots on campus.  

Only students who are currently living in Residence on campus are eligible to purchase a Student Residence parking permit.  Applications are confirmed with the Student Housing and Residence Life Office. The vehicle registration/ownership must be in the student resident's name and be presented at the time of purchase. 

Parking Services Office is no longer accepting paper applications.  UTSC Parking Permits can be purchased online via our website, or an electronic version of the form can be sent via email.  If you have any difficulties please contact Parking Services for assistance.

There are currently 5 electric vehicle chaging stations located in Parking Lot J which are available to those who have a valid UTSC employee parking permit.  UTSC will soon be starting construction on a new parking structure which will include over 200 electric vehicle charging stations.  

Parking Lot G and H are available for daily flat rate parking and accept debit, cash and credit at the paystation (located outside the north entrance of the IC building). Credit card and debit payment is also accepted at the exit gates.

Parking Lot A is available for hourly/short term parking.  There are 3 parking meters located within Parking Lot A and accept coins and credit payments.  

Paid parking is enforced 24/7 in all parking lots at UTSC.  

If you enter a daily flat rate parking lot before 4:00pm Monday to Friday, your $11 payment is valid until 11:59pm the same day.  If you enter after 4:00pm, you will pay a reduced evening/weekend rate.

There are no "in and out" privileges at our daily flat rate parking lots.  Payments must be made each time a vehicle exits the parking lot.  

There are 3 parking meters located in Parking Lot A  which accept coins and credit payments.  If you are unable to make a payment at one meter, please try one of the other meters.  If you continue to have issues or there are no other meters available, please contact Parking Services at 416-287-7576.  If we do not answer your call, please leave a message detailing the date/time, the issue, your vehicle information (including your licence plate) and your phone number.  We will return your call as soon as possible.

Parking Lot E is reserved parking for specific employee parking permits, student north residence parking permits and pre-arranged paid parking for departmental visitors/guests. Daily paid parking in parking lot E is only available for Provincial Accesible Permit holders.

All UTSC parking permits are valid 24 hours a day.

Overnight parking rates are available in all daily/short-term parking lots.

All parking tickets issued on campus are City of Toronto Parking Infractions.  Instructions for payment or dispute are located on the back of the ticket.