Daily Parking

Daily parking is available to visitors to the University. Please visit our web site for current rates. Rates are posted at the Visitor meters.

  1. Short-term pay & display parking is available in Parking Lot A. This area is meant for stays of less than 4 hours. Payment is made by coins, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Receipts must be displayed on the vehicle's dashboard, face up, and must be clearly visible from the outside. Receipts do not display credit card information.
  2. Notes left in lieu of receipts or permits will not be accepted.
  3. Daily flat-rate parking is available at North Lot G/H (changing to Lot H only, effective September 12th, 2022). Please visit our web site for current rates. Payment is made on exit by credit card at the exit gates, or at the pay stations located beside the Instructional Center entrance using cash, credit or debit card.  If you pay at a pay station, you will have 10 minutes after payment to exit the lots. 
  4. Daily parking is intended for use by community members while on-site or attending university-related activities. UTSC parking lots are not intended for long-term storage of vehicles.
  5. Refunds for daily parking fees will not be issued except in the case of technical malfunctions with parking equipment.