Welcome to Parking Services

Please note the doors to the IC Building are currently locked.

The Parking Services Office is open weekdays from 9am-4pm by appointment only.

Please call 416-287-7576 or email parking.utsc@utoronto.ca in advance.


Parking Services recently identified a software issue in which some credit card transactions from Parking Lot G/H were not being posted to customer credit cards.  A service request was placed with Precise Parklink (they provide the parking equipment and software for the debit/credit transactions).  Upon resolution of the issue, credit card transactions that were not previously posted were automatically sent to Moneris for processing. This is the reason why customers are seeing multiple transactions on their credit card for parking charges with an April 2021 date. Please understand that these are not fraudulent transactions as customers were not charged when the original transaction occurred.

If customers look back on their credit card statement, they will notice that they were not charged on the dates on which they actually used the parking lots at UTSC.  While the dates of the posted transaction(s) on their credit card statement will not be accurate, the number of charges will correspond with the correct number of times they paid for parking at UTSC with your credit card.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Student Summer Parking Permits will be available for purchase online starting Tuesday April 20th, 2021.


In an effort to reduce in-office wait times and exchange of materials, the majority of the process for purchasing a parking permit has been changed to online.  Please read carefully the relevant section for your parking permit type to review the new procedures and instructions.


Parking Services at the University of Toronto Scarborough aims to provide students, staff, faculty and visitors with safe and accessible parking facilities.

We manage and operate 10 parking lots on campus with a variety of parking options, including hourly parking, daily flat rate parking, as well as term and annual parking permits.

Parking Services is also proud to offer Eco-Park spaces and Zipcar options to our community.

All community members and visitors are required to pay for parking while on campus.  UTSC Parking Rules and Regulations apply to all patrons parking on Campus.

UTSC Parking permits are valid only at University of Toronto Scarborough.

All rates and prices listed on this website are effective as of May 1, 2020.  Prices, rates and schedules are subject to change without notice.