Here’s a quick guide for things to do virtually on campus

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Just because you're at home doesn't mean you can't connect to events online. We've put together a guide of things to do virtually on campus.

Tahreem Fatima

Are you looking for fun and engaging activities that can be done online from the comfort of home? We have you covered.


Below is a list of virtual activities where you can engage and feel part of our community regardless of where you are in the world. Although we won't be able to give you a taste of campus food or experience first-hand the fantastic places we have on campus, we can give you the taste of being part of the student community at UTSC.


The first thing you may want to do is visit the CLNx page that is set up to help students discover the many events happening on campus. A few virtual events run through CLNx include What’s Cooking, Explore the 6ix, Global Mobility, Let’s Talk sessions and First Year Socials, just to name a few. There are also plenty of volunteer opportunities to explore.


Follow UTSC and the Office of Student Experience & Wellbeing on Instagram. We will spotlight student organizations and events, as well as advertising all virtual events.


And be sure to download the UTSC Student Experience App, which is a convenient way to access student services and connect with campus events.


Athletic and Recreation Activities

The department of athletics and recreation has offered many virtual activity sessions this fall. For example, you can learn to dance or be part of virtual soccer training. 


For virtual dance sessions, students can choose from contemporary or Latin dancing. Latin dance can help students improve and increase their basic knowledge of Latin dance and learn new dances of salsa, bachata, and merengue. Contemporary dance is a rhythmical and emotion-filled dance with graceful and fluid movements. Both sessions are free for students, but registration is required.


Online Yoga and Meditation

Online Yoga classes are also available to staff and students. Yoga helps balance the body with the mind and allows students to destress from the class routine. Movement and Mediation sessions are also available for students and faculty.  Online sessions are free, but registration is required.  


UTSC Tours

If you haven't been able to check out the campus yet in person, don't worry. You can register to take a virtual tour.  You can register for a live tour scheduled in October with current UTSC students, or you can play one of the detailed recorded tour videos.


UTSC Library

Our library has one the most extensive collection of online books, publications and resources available to support your studies. UTSC Library hosts workshops throughout the year.


UTSC Library also has movie subscriptions that can be accessed by using your TCard.


Mental Health Support and Resources

Adjusting with online course loads and university life can be challenging. There are many mental health resources and supports available virtually to students. Students can use portals like Navi to find help.


The Health & Wellness Centre also offers same day appointments. The app, MySSP is also available along with Navi (already listed in doc). Other resources are also listed on the health and wellness website.


Academic help

Students always can access student services online and use websites like Student Academic Resource Tool, StART, to find all the help and resources available to succeed in the academic life.


Academic Advising & Career Centre also offers academic advising workshops and one-on-one sessions.


Student Clubs 

Just because you can’t meet in-person student, that doesn’t mean you can’t meet like-minded students. Several student clubs are hosting online meetings. You can use Zoom to hang out with friends or meet with a club. You can also use the UTSC virtual background to personalize your next meeting.


You can find out more information about campus student groups here.