Upcoming Events

Upcoming Seminars and Workshops:

Seminars Date and Time Room
STAB52 Review seminar 1-3pm, Wednesday, June 14 IC 204
STAB22 midterm review seminar 3-5pm, Friday, June 23 IC 230
STAB22 Help Session I (Probability) 3-5pm, Friday, July 21 IC230
STAB22 Help Session II (Confidence Interval and Testing Hypothesis) 3-5pm, Friday, July  28 IC230
STAB52 Final Exam Review Seminar 1-3pm,  Wednesday, Aug. 2 IC 212
STAB52 Final Exam Review Seminar 1-3pm, Wednesday, Aug. 9 IC 212
STAB22 Final Exam Review Seminar 10-12pm, Thursday, Aug. 10 IC204